Expert Business writing programme - complete package

(12 Months)

The Expert Business Writing Programme - Complete Package comprises the following courses: Expert Business Writing Structures, Expert Business Emails, and Expert Business Writing Skills, plus a year's subscription to the Weekly Expert. It represents the most effective, complete learning package for those serious about improving their writing skills – at a substantial discount against taking the courses separately. Compare our prices to those of leading language schools and providers of corporate training, and we’re sure you’ll agree – they represent excellent value.

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For those who need to focus on just one area, the following courses are also available separately:

Expert Business Writing structures

(5 Months)

This course focuses on the structures, tenses and vocabulary most relevant to business use in an Indonesian context. We tell you why, when and how to use the most effective language for the job, whether it’s giving the background to a situation, describing current events, writing a report about past events, or making a recommendation, for example.

Expert Business Emails

(4 Months)

This course teaches participants how to communicate simply, clearly and effectively via email. There is an overview of general principles, followed by a four-point plan for organising and writing emails. A comprehensive range of emails in daily business use is covered, along with the clearest, simplest language for getting your message across – and there’s always the option of asking your personal writing expert if there’s something else you need.

Expert Business Writing Skills

(3 Months)

This final course consolidates, builds upon, and puts into practice the knowledge and skills gained by the participant during the preceding two courses. It was originally introduced at the request of foreign organisations in Indonesia who needed a more focused approach to business report writing from their local management and staff. The emphasis is on critical thinking, and the course guides the participant towards advanced professional proficiency. Modules concentrate on clarity, purpose and audience, effective selection and organisation of material, and the most effective language for the task at hand.

The Weekly Expert – Indonesia

(1 year)

The Weekly Expert is a highly-topical series of top tips directed specifically at usage and cultural problems experienced by Indonesians writing in English. It’s based on 20 years of experience in Indonesia, and real problems experienced by our participants - both past and present. The aim is to provide a quick fix for the most common deadly errors and misconceptions – delivered with humour and a smile, as Weekly Expert is sent on a Friday. Here, we tell you why you should never, ever say Best Regards; why you can’t socialize anything; why it’s a bad idea to address a foreigner as bule or Mr. John; and why you should never start a request with please kindly. Just because you’re serious, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

We are constantly adding real-life topics to The Weekly Expert, and if something bothers or confuses you – you only have to ask.

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