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    At the special request of our clients, and as a complement to our writing programmes, we have introduced editing, proofreading and translation services.


    Your written English creates a critical impression of you, your attitude – and your organisation.

    If you haven’t yet taken the Expert Business Writing Programme, it’s possible that your writing may need a little polish. Our writing experts come from fields as diverse as academia, advertising, business, energy, engineering, journalism and medicine.

    We edit for clarity, style, tone, flow and consistency, as well as grammar, spelling and punctuation – for when ‘good enough’ is not good enough.


    Even the best writers make simple mistakes in grammar, spelling, and punctuation – and automated programmes can catch only a fraction of the errors. Our experienced proofreaders ensure that those mistakes do not make it to the final page.


    Our translators are native speakers of the target language, and each translation is carried out by a minimum of three people – an expert native speaker of each language, plus a highly-experienced editor of the target language – to ensure quality, consistency, and accuracy. We can also provide sworn translators, where necessary, at additional cost. The experience of our writing experts ensures that nothing will be lost in translation.

    Whether you need editing, proofreading, or translation services, our standards are high and our rates are reasonable.

    We will need to see a sample of your writing before we are able to make you a quotation. Please call or email for further details.

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