What We Do

Writing Experts – Indonesia offers first-class business writing skills programmes in English, primarily delivered by email. We cater to corporate groups and private individuals.

Why We Do It

The approach to teaching business writing in Indonesia so far has been ineffective. Training providers have failed to make clear the basic functions of tenses and structures in business writing and when to use them. Take a moment and ask yourself – do you really understand how the tense system in English works? Do you know how to apply it, effectively and accurately, to your business writing?

Additionally, courses have not allowed enough 1:1 participant/ instructor time, and the focus has been generic – aimed at business writing problems worldwide, rather than focused on the specific needs and problems of Indonesians.

Our approach is practical, realistic, 1:1, based on principles of critical thinking, and focused on Indonesia. We know that you won’t become a writing expert in just a few weeks. This is why we offer longer-term support.

What We Don’t Do

We don’t do conversation and we don’t teach children’s classes. Don’t get us wrong: we like conversation and we love kids – we just think there are already plenty of providers in Indonesia who can do these things well. We specialize.

Why We’re Better

Our writing experts come from the fields of academia, EFL teaching, corporate training, journalism, advertising and business. We insist on a minimum of ten years’ experience with five years’ experience in Indonesia, a first degree, and a specialized teaching qualification such as the Royal Society of Arts/ University of Cambridge C/TEFLA, CELTA or DELTA.