Indonesia is moving up in the world. You’re a proud Indonesian professional.
You need to communicate, clearly and effectively, in a global marketplace.

But English isn’t your first language – it probably isn’t even your second.
How, then, do you improve your English writing skills?

Traditional language courses were once a popular option, but work and travel patterns have changed. Professionals work longer hours. Not so long ago, it took an hour to travel to most places in Jakarta: now it takes two. Perhaps longer. We no longer have the luxury of spare time.

In-company classes? Well, they’re expensive, difficult to organise to suit employee schedules, and are often ineffective: one-to-one instructor/ participant time is very limited. Residential total immersion courses can be more effective, but again the same problems, in terms of expense, organisation, and scheduling apply.

E-learning? Although it sounds modern, it does not respond to the individual needs of the learner well and is of little use for language learning – unless you want just a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer.