How We Do It

So how does this work? Well, first of all, a simple pre-programme diagnostic task is carried out to assess participant strengths, weaknesses, and problem areas. This should take no more than 30 minutes for the participant to complete, and is carried out via email. Based on this, we are able to design a curriculum suitable for the participant’s needs.

A personal writing expert then sends the participant a weekly assignment together with an explanatory cover letter. The participant completes the assignment and returns it to the writing expert, who performs an in-depth review with notes and helpful tips and returns it to the participant. The participant is free to enter into dialogue with the writing expert, about the assignment or any writing-related topic – in fact, we encourage it, as it provides invaluable 1:1 practice in a real-world situation.

A deadline reminder is also sent out for every assignment, along with The Weekly Expert – top tips specifically designed for the Indonesian writer of English, and based on over 20 years’ experience in Indonesia. These have been incredibly popular with our participants to date and answer a real need – while there is no ‘magic bullet’ for learning how to write in English, our tips help you to avoid the deadly mistakes that almost everybody makes.

Finally, detailed answer keys are sent for every assignment for the participant’s reference. We keep in-depth individual records on assignment completion and can submit these to HR or training departments as necessary. At course completion, each participant is tested to assess what they have been able to assimilate and retain, and there is a full individual report detailing strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations. Printed personal certificates of achievement are available upon request.